After a whole year of sheer hard work, it was time to thank God

It would not be enough to thank Him for the life and goodness. With teachers, parents and invited guests coming together to celebrate this unique times. For the record, we were ranked the best in the Sub-County as the best event planner. Gracing the mass and prayers, the Chimoi Parish Father wished the candidates best performance in their exams.

Laying his hands upon them, he pronounced God’s blessing sound mind and protection during this transition period.

Other guests who came to grace the day were CSO Felistus, Lwandeti Location Chief, businessmen, teachers, parents, alumni and the entire Chimoi community.

Climate Action:Tree Planting

Our Guests demonstrated their zeal to save mother nature by planting trees to usher in this new transition of exams. Led by Chimoo Parish Priest, each planted a tree in designated holes.

Chimoi Parish Priest planting the first tree during the celebration

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