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Apart from leadership styles of Kenyan presidents, they have exhibited unique trends in fashion. Read more about them here

2024 Form 1 Placements letters.

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What looked like ages now has been turned to seconds and milliseconds as Machogu announced the last results for KCPE 2023. Every candidate, parent and stakeholder was tensed as 40054 code hanged. When the first result trickled in, it was for Panegyrique Tsisiga who had closed the KCPE with 406 marks!

What followed was a celebration and the a match pass through Chimoi Market.

For years this has never happened! 406 is the new record to keep. To calm down and cool our muscles, everyone had something to say. Former pupil, parent, teachers, Hoi, and the star herself.

Meanwhile, as the compiling continues, Chimoi leads public schools in the Sub-County by a mean of 291.07.The subjects performance stands at English 56.22, Kiswahili 62.33, Maths 51.92, Science 62.80 and SSTCRE 57.80.


The learners chose to rear poultry as a project. They grouped themselves and named their groups in line with types of poultry. The project was successful but received a hitch by the end because a thief broke into the poultry house, stole all of them. Upon following the incident, the thief killed them all by strangling. It was a sad finish šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­

Life Skills Sessions

The school upholds co-curricular activities seriously. Teachers conduct these activities collaboratively. The activities are designed to be learner-centered. Learners are given prompts to discuss and present in modes of their choice.

A learner presenting findings on child safety measures during life’s kills sessions.

November 4 2021 Parents-Teachers’ Meeting

This meeting organized by Class teachers helped in deliberating on the way forward to better education in the school. The issues affecting both parties were addressed and consensus reached on pertinent matters.

Africa Climate Summit Participation

All preparations had been made courtesy of the school principle and World Vision Representative Lemanken for all the necessary travel logistics.The participants, Panegyrique Tsisiga(in skyblue jacket), Esther Mwende and their teacher madam Mary were all set. It was indeed an anticipated journey which would see the whole school unite for a cause towards climate action.

They received a warm welcome by their potential host and immediately got engaged in discussions on the best practices to mitigate climate change.

Participation in activities saw them produce several artifacts for display on the best practices to be undertaken on climate action. The participants came up with several artworks on the 17 SDGs to help pass a message on need to save mother nature



The Kenya Primary Schools Head teachers Association (KEPSHA) 20th annual conference has kicked off today at Sheikh  Zayed Children Welfare Centre school in Mombasa.

The main theme is ā€œrethinking education management within a comprehensive school framework. Inspiring innovation for a sustainable impact in the present and future decadesā€.

The five-day conference is expected to provide a platform for the primary school heads to share their experiences, challenges and success stories in redefining education management within this holistic framework, thus the call for stakeholders to unite in identifying and resolving the current challenges within the education sector.

KEPSHA Chairman Mr. Johnson Nzioka says by the end of the conference they expect to come up with solutions to sustainable education, assessment and accountability within the schools, fostering inclusivity in education, adapting to technological advancement, and enhancing teacher professional development.

ā€œKEPSHA aims to adopt to changing education paradigms, foster inclusivity, and ensure the well-being of our members and learners as we continue to champion the cause of equality primary educationā€ said Nzioka.

This comes a week after the primary school pupils sat for the last KCPE exam of the 8-4-4 system as the education system switches to Competency-Based curriculum (CBC).

Mr. Nzioka affirms that head teachers across the country have embraced the CBC system and that they are rooting for its development. He assured parents to expect smooth transition as far as primary school education is concerned.

Mr Nzioka lauded the government for the recent efforts to recruit more teachers and also increasing their salaries. However, he urges the government to also recruit special education teachers.

Among the guests expected   to give key note addresses are Education Cabinet Secretary (CS), Mr. Ezekiel Machogu, who will officially open the conference on Wednesday.

Dr. Belio Kipsang, PS State Department for Basic Education, and Teacher Service Commission (TSC) CEO Nancy Macharia TSC are also expected to grace the meeting.

Even as KEPSHA looks forward to commit itself in shaping the future of education management and embracing innovation through CBC, they will be partnering with Nature Lovers Consultancy to plant 80 trees in response to the presidentā€™s call to increase the national tree cover, and also to symbolize the associationā€™s dedication to environmental stewardship and a brighter, sustainable future.

Matete Heads

There was a good representation from Matete heads among the Chimoi Prema Ekina, Chenjeni Wambulwa, Lwandeti Sara, Makina Rodgers among others.


After a whole year of sheer hard work, it was time to thank God

It would not be enough to thank Him for the life and goodness. With teachers, parents and invited guests coming together to celebrate this unique times. For the record, we were ranked the best in the Sub-County as the best event planner. Gracing the mass and prayers, the Chimoi Parish Father wished the candidates best performance in their exams.

Laying his hands upon them, he pronounced God’s blessing sound mind and protection during this transition period.

Other guests who came to grace the day were CSO Felistus, Lwandeti Location Chief, businessmen, teachers, parents, alumni and the entire Chimoi community.

Climate Action:Tree Planting

Our Guests demonstrated their zeal to save mother nature by planting trees to usher in this new transition of exams. Led by Chimoo Parish Priest, each planted a tree in designated holes.

Chimoi Parish Priest planting the first tree during the celebration

2023 KPSEA

Posting the second cohort of KPSEA since CBC started, the cohort had a total of 64 candidates. This candidates will be joining the current Junior School with a total of 76 students. This has been a multi-talented group seeing many major talents like sports, music, drama, leadership and active participation in various fields. To crown the year, the candidates planted bottlebrush tree for remembrance.

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